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Product Review Filson Double Tin Chaps



The Filson Double Tin Chaps are made from the classic 12.5 oz. Oil finish Tin Cloth. 

Filson’s Tin Cloth earned the name decades ago when tin was standard for toughness. It was called “tin cloth” because garments made from it are as waterproof and wear resistant as if they were made of tin. In the Northwest it has long been recognized as setting the standard for protection and wear resistance. It’s still the fabric of choice for maximum protection against rain, wind, brush and abrasion. The 100% cotton duck, 12.5 oz. Oil Finish Tin Cloth is the most durable, wind resistant and water repellent cloth Filson makes.  To read more about Filson’s Tin Cloth click here.


The Filson Chaps come in a Regular and a Husky size. The Regular size fit a thigh circumference up to 26 inches and the Husky gives 2 additional inches to fit a thigh up to 28 inches.

The Chaps come in two lengths as well, Regular and Long. If your inseam is 29-31 inches the Regular will fit and if you are a bit taller and have an inseam of 32-34 inches choose the Long.

The straps that attach to your belt, two on each side that slide under your belt, prevent keep the chaps from twisting and bunching.   Those same straps can be adjusted to make the perfect fit, see image below.


  • Water Repellent
  • Wind Resistant
  • Double layer fabric at the bottom
  • Storm flaps that cover the leg zipper
  • 14in Brass Zipper side openings
  • Heavy duty snap closures
  • Twill Binding


Physical- The chaps come on the scale at 2 lbs 6 oz.

Feel- Filson’s Oil Tin Cloth can feel stiff the first time you wear it. However, it does break in with use and will soften up. The only way to break it in is to wear it over and over again. As you wear it, the material will soften up and it will begin to form fit to you.

Product Care:

To clean Tin Cloth wipe or brush away surface soil or buildup with a damp cloth or scrub brush. If you need to loosen up any caked mud or dirt use cold water. The reason for a wipe or brush cleaning is the cotton is not preshrunk; this finish can only be cleaned by wiping or brushing it off.

Filson advises against spot cleaning with soap and water, as it may result in a loss of water repellent or color in that spot. If it is absolutely necessary to spot clean an Oil Finish garment, you may need to re-wax that spot to restore the water repellency after it dries.

DO NOT professionally dry clean Oil Finish garments. Dry cleaning solutions destroy the Oil Finish, effectively turning Oil Finish fabrics into Dry Finish fabrics. If an Oil Finish garment is dry cleaned, it will need to be re-waxed to restore its water repellency.

DO NOT machine wash Oil Finish garments. Machine washing breaks down the Oil Finish, and sometimes causes the fabric to shrink. Most importantly, machine washing will not soften Oil Finish Tin Cloth. In fact, it may make the fabric stiffer than before.


If you are looking for a heavy duty chap that will stand up to years of abuse, the Filson Double Tin Chaps are for you. They are the most durable standard chap we sell, the only thing that competes with them are snake proof chaps! The double reinforcement on the bottom of the chap adds to the rugged durability of these chaps. Just like with all of Filson’s garments, they used high quality components. These chaps are no exceptions, brass zippers and quality snaps.

The only drawback to the Filson Double Tin Chaps is they can be hot to wear in warm weather. The Tin cloth does not breath well, the chaps do circulate air because of the fit, but they would be hot early season for many areas. It comes down to a decision if you want to sacrifice some comfort in warm weather for durability. I would note that in the areas like ours, Montana, a large majority of the days we hunt, the chaps would be comfortable and not too warm. If you want a chap that is tough as nails and are not worried about those few warm days you encounter we recommend the Filson Double Tin chaps.

Rooster Rater:  9 bagged out of 10 Roosters Limit



  • While chaps might be a very simple and straight forward product, we wanted to do a product review on the Gamehide Chaps to give a bit more info than one can find on the general description. First off, the Gamehide Chaps are one of our most popular selling chaps. The two reasons are they are a great value and they have one killer feature hard to find on another chap, full length zippers. Most chaps have a short zipper on the lower leg, but the zipper on the Gamehide chap runs top to bottom. It makes them extremely easy to take on and off, think no mud on the inside of your chaps left over from when you slid them over your boots. The price tag on these chaps of $41.95, makes them one of the most affordable chaps as well. Don’t be fooled by the cost, they are a heavy-duty chaps made for the toughest cover around. The facings on the front and lower back leg are reinforced with a 1000 Denier waterproof nylon. As most of you know, the bottom cuff on chaps or pants is one of the first areas to wear thin, for this reason, Gamehide has put an additional layer of material making it a triple layer of protection. On the bottom of the cuff there is a hook and loop closure to keep the cuff securely closed. Features: Full length YKK brass zipper for easy on off, see image below Hook and loop closure on cuff Triple layer wear cuff 2" expandable inseam Size: One of the strongest qualities of the Gamehide Chaps is the size and adjustability. The Gamehide Chaps come in two sizes, Medium/Large & Large/XL. See this chart for the size break down: The length can be adjusted using loops on the top of the chaps. On each strap, there are 3 snaps that allow for adjustment. If you need more length than what the snaps allow, Gamehide has build in an 2 inch expandable inseam. You can take out a seam and the chaps give you 2 more inches in length. Weight: The M/L size pair of chaps weighs in at 1.8 pounds. They may not be the lightest, but the Gamehide chaps are on par with the average weight of chaps on the market. Material: The main part of the chaps, what we’ll call the body, is made of 100% cotton. Out of the box they have a broken in feel, not like new duck cotton that has a stiff feel. The facing, the green material, on the back from the mid-calf down and the front facings, is a 100% nylon reinforced fabric. It is 1000 denier brush-busting waterproof coated nylon. This area is a bit stiff out of the box but it should soften with use, as to be expected from a facing that is build to go through brush and briars. Product Care: Great news for those of us who just like to throw our stuff in the wash, the Gamehide Chaps are machine washable in cold water and they can be dried on a low setting. Overall: The game hide chaps have the best simple feature, a full zipper from top to bottom.  They a comfortable chap and easy to clean being machine washable.  While they are durable they will not be as durable as say a pair of Filson Tin Cloth chaps, however, they do cost about half as much.  The only other negative we know is that the color of tan and green is not the best color combination we have seen for a pair of chaps. 8 Bagged out of a 10 Rooster Limit